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Tips On How To Start A Story
4 months ago


Stories are captivating, and everyone wants to be a part of a good story. Not only can stories be entertaining but they are also educative. In most instances, it is the older generations that tell, the younger individuals various stores. Stories can also be viewed as a tool for passing information from one generation to another. Apart from the informative and entertaining aspects, stories can be used as a way of warning individuals against committing specific atrocities However for any story to be effective the method of starting the story should be well engineered. This means that a good storyteller should encompass various techniques of starting their story in a manner that elicits the interest of the partner. When you select the wrong approach when starting your story, you might end up confusing the listener. This may eventually lead to loss of interest. In most instances, it is advisable to begin your story before an unusual occurrence takes place. It is vital to note that the main character has to be evident in the story until its completion. It is therefore essential to understand crucial information about the main character at the initial stages of the story. Always ensure that you start your narration with phrases that are going to catch the attention of your audience. Working on your introduction will also play a crucial role when you are telling the story. This means that you have to master the art of tone variations and how to apply the aspects of your storytelling aspect. When dealing with a specific audience, it is advisable to first interact with them and know more about their expectation. This will assist you in evaluating more creative ways to use. For example, if the audience is accustomed to the particular style of introduction when they are listening to stories try to unravel a unique way that will take them by surprise. This will not only capture their attention but will also retain it since they will be eager to witness your next move. Visit website link here for more.


It is vital to note that the first impression is paramount whenever you are telling a story. The manner in which you commence the story will determine the attitude of the audience as you proceed with the story. It is essential to have a proper mastery of the story and offer your sentiments from within without having to look like you ate trying so hard to impress the audience. This will make the listeners embrace your story with the seriousness it requires. Click here for more:  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/18/short-story-tips-_n_3947152.html.

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